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The Repair Brand

Supplying Demand is a private-label manufacturer and distributor based in Murfreesboro, TN. We develop and provide replacement parts, tools, and related accessories for residential/commercial appliances and HVAC equipment.

We care about repair.

Our founders are seasoned service professionals. We’ve built a team of service-minded individuals to provide our customers the most in-demand service products as quickly as possible because repairs can’t wait.

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We respond to all requests same business day.

Amazon Orders: To receive expedited service, please use the Amazon Customer Service link. For quick automated solutions to your replacement and return questions.

  • Quickly receive a replacement by requesting a return for a damaged or broken item on Amazon directly.
  • Receive prepaid, convenient returns on most products using Amazon’s automated returns system.
  • Contact us directly to receive a replacement if Amazon’s return window has closed and your product is still under a 1-year warranty. Model and Serial number verification required. *Warranty does not cover the following items – Fuses, Filters, Drip Pans, or Cleaners.